1. Characters : How your render your characters directly affects how the reader will feel about your story.

  2. Composition : How elements are arranged within the frame to evoke emotion. How can you use elements like scale, rhythm, value, focus, and texture to control the story?

  3. Camera Angle : You are the director of your book. Where do you want to put the viewer to experience the story?

  4. Color : How does color effect your story to evoke emotions or mood.

  5. Pacing : The speed at which you allow the reader/viewer to progress through the story.

  6. Lettering : Do not forget the importance of how the type can effect your story

  7. Technique/Style : Make sure how you are rendering your work fits with the story that your are telling.

  8. Frontmatter/Endpapers : A lot of folks forget how important these pages are to your story. They are your opening credits to your movie. Use them to set the scene for your story.

Picture Book Consultations

  • in depth dummy consultation and development from initial concept, through sketches and rough layouts, to a complete dummy with final art samples:

    —understanding the visual potential of the story
    —pacing and editing,dummy reconstruction
    —exploring the emotional strength and humor of each scene
    —coaching final art style
    —comments via skype/facetime

  • portfolio consultation

  • Rate levels for one-on-one dummy and portfolio consultation.

    • Message me about review and consultation rates

    • A short term dummy development is $500 and includes a thorough storyline and dummy evaluation, art editing and dummy reconstruction a one hour conversation to discuss the proposed changes, answer any questions you might have, and discuss final art style and samples based on your portfolio.

    • Each additional round of your revisions (at $300, paid in advance) is evaluated, art-edited with dummy reconstruction with notes and suggestions, ending with an hour conversation.conversation about your revisions.

    • Longer term process for illustrators working on a dummy for an agent or a publishing house is available, as well as book design and any other services.