Navigating the picture book world can be daunting but luckily there are people like Chad Beckerman out there who offer outstanding direction and helpful advice to those seeking it. Speaking with Chad opened the door into further understanding the publishing world, as well as incredibly useful portfolio advice that pointed me towards a successful career in illustrating children’s books. I highly recommend any artists needing guidance in their artistic journey to contact Chad! 

—Dan Tavis, Illustrator DanTavis.com Instagram

Chad was incredibly insightful during my portfolio review. He is very aware of the current illustration market, and helped me hone in on comparable techniques already present in my work. Chad gave feedback on how the work might be tweaked to better serve the kidlit market along with artists to watch that might be of useful reference. If you want some real talk, and want to push your work to the next level,
Chad's your go-to guy

—Adriana (Hernandez) Bergstrom  Artist & Illustrator

Had the fortunate opportunity for @chadwbecks to look over my portfolio and give some much needed pointers for my work and website, as well as valuable industry advice! It was great to hear how to better shape my art for the jobs I’m striving for. He is still open for portfolio reviews, check him out! @chadwbecks

—Corinne Reid Artist | Designer | Instructor rinfishe
(Testimonial art by Corinne)

I had a great conversation with @chadwbecks yesterday where he reviewed my portfolio and my book dummy. His feedback was super helpful and inspiring! So much so that he told me I needed to develop a book dummy of one of my illustrations he liked and that’s exactly what I’m doing! I did this illustration awhile ago and thought there was a story there but didn’t develop anything more. But last night after my workday was over, I made my wife diner and after we ate, I spent 3 episodes of the Marvolus Mrs. Maizel getting to know this character and trying to figure out what her story is... I still have a lot of work to do but I’m excited to figure it all out! Adding another project to the to do list..💆🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️👩🏾‍🎨 So if you ever see Chad offering a critique session, DO IT!#thankschad

—Keisha Morris kekkerz86