Calling all illustrators, designers, art directors, and creatives!

You're invited to join us at Tailfeather in Clinton Hill on Wednesday, August 7th for a night of wine, charcuterie, low-pressure doodling, and community bonding IRL.

Feel free to BYOP (bring your own pencil/paper) if that's your jam. We'll have two reserved tables, if you want to carve out some personal space for you and friends we recommend showing up early.

**MOST IMPORTANTLY** We encourage you to mingle outside of your posse and leave room in your circle so people feel comfortable approaching and joining in. If you see folks who are left out or seem shy - say hello and invite them to join the conversation!

This is a public event open to all and a safe space for folks looking for some creative community. You don't have to be a drinker or self-identify as an illustrator to be welcomed - all creative, or creative-at-heart types are invited to join. RSVPing is not required but helpful to the bar to have an estimated headcount for staffing purposes.

Drink and Mingle Insta.jpg