Designing a Blog book

My latest project is called LIBBY FAWCETT'S SECRET BLOG by Shana Norris. ( The title will most likely be changing )
I am about half way through reading the book. All the while thinking of possible scenes or imagery that might make a interesting image. The first thought that goes through my head is the word Iconic. I think of this word every time I attempt a novel or picture book design. What does it mean? Simple, yet interesting. Do I always make this happen perhaps not but I try.
First I look at what else has been published in the genre of this book. Blog or internet books. I want to make sure that my design stands out from the rest ( At least I hope so ).

So how do you make a jacket about a blog and make it visually interesting? I am approaching it graphically. Much like some of the banners you might see at the top of some peoples blogs. And really making the type cool. I haven't ruled out any imagery just yet but I really don't want to place some half cropped girl's face or legs or arms or any other body part that seems to be popular in teen novels. That being said I have made a vow to never use straight stock imagery I think it really makes for a very bland image and doesn't stay true to the uniqueness' of the book.

I will report make in a week or so and show my results.

If any of you have certain blogs that you think might help please let me know.