Special Effects

Ever wonder how does the designer tell the printer what effect he or she wants on a jacket?
Well I'll tell ya. Here is an example of the print out made for Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules by Jeff Kinney.
Early on in designing the first book we had decided that we wanted it to look like a journal. Okay but how do you get it to feel like one? I wanted the jacket to have a found object feel. As If Greg Heffley had drawn and pasted the objects on to the cover himself. To enhance this idea we used a Spot UV coating on the tape to give it a tape like feel in contrast to the matte surface of the cover. Over all the effects are fairly common but used in a way that enhances the concept of the book rather than just adding an aesthetic appeal. I think we managed both in this case.

Here in this example you can see how I marked the print out up to tell the printer exactly what I wanted.