RISD reviews

My day started with my cat waking me before my alarm went off at 5 am. Apparently he was hungry and didn't want to wait to be feed. Jerk.

I caught a the 6:20 am Acela train to Providence arriving at 9:30am. I hadn't been to Providence in about 2 years. It was strangely cleansing.

11 am Stopped at the Nature lab to visit some old friends. ( That place smells like death)

From 1-5pm I reviewed Portfolios of RISD Junior and Senior Illustrations. The focus for this program is to help students be better prepared for life after RISD, but also allows reviewers (me) a first-hand look at emerging talent.

I asked the same question of all of them. First, " What do you want to do?" Second " What in your portfolio was the most fun to do?" I think we all know what we want to do but sometime its hard to see beyond ourselves to see it. These questions were asked in hopes of starting a dialogue about the direction each student was going or hoped to go.

5:30 pm I walked to Thayer street for some Eastside Pockets goodness. An later wandered around to all the places I used to live in Providence. Oddly enough everything had the same smells.

6:45 pm I was on the road back to New York arriving at 10:34 pm

Here is a link to this year's reviewers: http://intranet.risd.edu/pdfs/RealityCheckBrochure2008.pdf