An evening with the de Brunhoffs

This past Tuesday evening Laurent and Phyllis de Brunhoff a.k.a Phyllis Rose asked me over for drinks and fine conversation at there Upper East Side apartment. Little did I know Phylis had other plans. She was looking for another model for her on-going photo series that she calls the Holbein portraits. Being the ham that I am I agreed whole heartedly to take part. Here is a brief description by Phyllis Rose about here series. Its quite amazing!

PB: I started shooting these pictures when I got tired of photographing
Laurent, my resident model, as he was and started throwing upholstery
fabrics onto him to try to make him look like someone else. About the
same time I went to the Frick and was, as always, blown away by the
Holbein portraits of Thomas More and of Cromwell. So I started
photographing men with the intention of reproducing some of the
effects of Holbein portraits, especially the lighting, the palette,
and the gravity of the sitters. I increased my stock of velvets and
damasks on West 38th Street and from And I bought
some hats and fur pieces and significant objects (astrolabe,
telescope, skull etc) on eBay. I like to let sitters choose an object
they want to be associated with. Over time, I've moved from Holbein
as a model and gotten more promiscuous in my inspiration. Titian,
Rembrandt, Bronzino, and Veronese are important, too. Conclusions? I
think men have very few opportunities to play. Also I think they look
better dressed in velvet robes and caps than in what they're
encouraged to wear these days. In case you're wondering,
I can't do
women because their clothes are too complicated
and the jewelry has
to be good.

Laurent de Brunhoff's Studio

Phyllis Rose's Studio

My portrait. I can't help but laugh at this photo.

Laurent looks on in amusement