February Bulletin Board

Starting at the top left: Michael Buckley's NERDS: M is for Momma's Boy the second book in the NERDS series, Barry Deutsch's Graphic Novel Hereville, David Clement Davies novel Scream of the White Bears, and the final book in David Ward's trilogy Beyond the Mask, Second row: Laura Numeroff teams up with Dan Andreasen for Otis & Sydney and the Best Birthday Ever, Kim Gordon writes Misty Gordon and the Pirate Ghosts with cover art by Gregg Call, then The WIMPY KID Movie Diary, followed by Lisa Greenwald's second novel Sweet Treat and Secret Crushes, Third Row: a sketch I made for an online banner ad for MEANWHILE a 'chose your own adventure' graphic novel by Jason Shiga and final George Bates and Nancy Raines Day's long awaited On a Windy Night picture book. All these books are due out in 2010.