Dan Santat breaks down . . . his compositions

I just came across Dan Santat's blog about how he breaks down . . . his compositions. It's an amazing insight into how he works and is worth a read.

"Recently, a friend of mine asked me to give my two cents on how I compose a page for book illustration. I don't really consider myself an expert on art, design or composition but I figured I'd share my philosophies on the matter for those who may feel they can be a helpful start in illustrating for picture books.

First of all, I should discuss my influences. I learned everything by imitation. I think, for anyone who has started in art you begin by copying those things that interest you and you improve by repetition. For me, I grew up drawing Garfield and VINCENT from the old Disney movie "The Black Hole" (Don't ask) When it came to children's books my infatuation was with the work of William Joyce..."—DAN SANTAT