Sometime ago I came across Greg Ruth's 52 weeks drawings series where he produced a drawing a week on any subject matter that he wanted. Not an easy task by any means. I tried to to a drawing a day a few summers ago. I lasted a valiant 2-3 months. During those couple of months I began to post the drawing I produced on a blog. It wasn't my intention really for anyone to see them but rather just to have a place to showcase them and let them go and move on to the next drawing. This process inspire me to become immersed in actually producing new material. As an illustration major and for a very brief time a freelance illustrator that hardest thing in the world to do is keep your self immersed in your work when the world wants you to survive. There is no one telling you (besides yourself ) to draw, paint, etc. As I posted a drawing a day it kept myself empowered to do more work and for 2-3 months it worked. I once again am trying to get back into a regiment. This time I am going to dial it back to a drawing a month. Seemed to work for Greg Ruth.