What did you do this weekend?

Well, I know what I did!

Friday night I attended a show at the Society of Illustrators called Blow-Up. Three illustrators with vastly different backgrounds: Tomer Hanuka, Yuko Shimizu, and Sam Weber. It is quite possibly the best show I have ever seen at the Society in quite sometime. If you are in the New York area, I highly recommend that you head over to 63rd street and Lexington and take a look.

Lauren Castillo chats it up.

Saturday was our neighborhood block party.

Where for some reason a neighbor asked if I want to judge the block Dog Show.
I could have said, "NO", but who turns down and offer like that? The categories were
1. Best dressed 2. Cutest 3. Most Unique. What kind of category is Most Unique anyway?

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I left the block party early to attend Michael Buckley's book party at
Powerhouse Books fro NERDS 2: M is for Mama's Boy.

Michael's son Finn was also in attendance
Later Saturday night I attended Illustrator | Rock Star gig at the Gun & Rod Club in Williamsburg

Marcellus Hall works on his set list

The drummer, Chris Raymond

Sunday, I took it easy.

I had brunch and a nice drink at Prime Meats.

Later I went on the hunt for a new book.

Did a couple drawings

For more Drawings click here

And then took in a sunset.

What did you do?